Nursing student on the Radio Digital
Ms Carmen Ling (Year 3 BNFT student) participated in the cross-universities life mentor scheme and was interviewed by a...More
Southeast and East Asia Nursing Education and Research Network
Professor Agnes Tiwari attended the first meeting of the Southeast and East Asian Nursing Network Project as a...More
Student Exchange
The School is dedicated to organizing exchange programs in order to promote nursing education internationally. Through...More
St. Paul’s School (Lam Tin) on 20 May 2015
The School enjoyed a visit of 58 students from St. Paul’s School (Lam Tin) on 20 May 2015. Dr William Li gave a welcome...More
Ms Jacqueline Johnston’s visit on 20 May 2015
Ms Jacqueline Johnston, Lecturer and Programme Leader of Edinburgh Napier University visited our School on 20 May 2015....More
Ms. Lucie Weissova’s Visit on 9 April 2015
Ms. Lucie Weissova, International Relations Coordinator and Study Administrator of Jönköping University, visited our...More