The University of Hong Kong defines Knowledge Exchange (KE) as engaging, for mutual benefit; with business, government or the public to generate, acquire, apply and make accessible the knowledge needed to enhance material, human, social, cultural and environmental well-being. KE is a two-way process in which staff and students from all discipline are involved and activities are undertaken by non-academic sectors across the society.

The School of Nursing is committed to contributing to the society. Our staff and students have been engaging in a wide spectrum of knowledge exchange activities locally and regionally, including the provision of services to the public relating to the professional nursing knowledge, organizing awareness-raising programmes and forums, transferring knowledge and skills to help rebuild disaster-stricken areas, promoting arts appreciation, and working with secondary schools to enrich students’ learning experiences.

The School encompasses KE in its development blueprint, and will endeavor to ensure that our KE initiatives would contribute to the benefits of our staff, students as well as the members of the wider community, and the region and global development.