AUG 2019 ISSUE 44

In the Media

Dr William Li, Associate Professor of HKU School of Nursing and Director of HKU Youth Quitline, was interviewed by the TVB news programme <最 強生命線> on cigarette addiction and smoking cessation for youth. The programme featured the HKU Youth Quitline and “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign, which were developed by the School of Nursing and School of Public Health, and included interviews with people who successfully quit smoking through these initiatives. (TVB – December 17, 2018)

RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) news programme <鏗鏘集> interviewed Dr JoJo Kwok, Research Assistant Professor, on the application and effects of mindfulness yoga in people with Parkinson’s disease . The programme was also broadcast on TVB. (RTHK & TVB – December 31, 2018)

The School of Nursing, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Housing Authority, organised the Healthy Ageing in Public Rental Housing Estates Programme 2018/19 starting from September 1, 2018. The programme aims to promote active lifestyles and healthy ageing among older tenants living in public rental housing estates. (AM730 – January 16, 2019 and March 8, 2019)

Now News programme <杏林在線> reported on the School of Nursing’s incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in nursing education. According to evaluation results, VR education can enhance a student’s empathy level. The report was also broadcast on Viu TV Channel 99 on February 9, 2019. (Now News – February 8, 2019; Viu TV Channel 99 – February 9, 2019)

Dr Kelvin Wang, Assistant Professor, contributed a column on the negative effects of e-cigarettes in Oriental Daily News. A survey showed that 1.4% of primary four to six students had tried e-cigarettes in the past. Among students who tried rolling tobacco, 73% indicated that they attempted the e-cigarette first. (Oriental Daily News – February 16, 2019)

Dr William Li, Associate Professor, was interviewed by the South China Morning Post regarding the ban on e-cigarettes in Hong Kong. (South China Morning Post – February 16, 2019)

Dr Kris Lok, Research Assistant Professor, contributed a column on breastfeeding to am730. She indicated that only 0.9% of 6-month-old babies in Hong Kong are exclusively breastfed, even though over 86% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding. Also, women who smoke during pregnancy or who have smoking partners are significantly less likely to initiate breastfeeding. Those exposed to two or more family members who smoked had a 30% increased risk of breastfeeding cessation. (am730 – March 4, 2019)

Dr Patsy Chau, Associate Professor, contributed a column to am730 on the low level of knowledge about heart attack symptoms among older Chinese and inappropriate anticipated treatment. Dr Chau pointed out that health education should focus on increasing public knowledge of acute myocardial infarction symptoms and the need to call an ambulance during an emergency. (am730 – March 11, 2019)

HK01 and Sing Pao reported on a health talk under the Healthy Ageing in Public Rental Housing Estates Programme 2018/19 that was co-organised by the School of Nursing and the Hong Kong Housing Authority. The event featured over 100 elderly people practicing Tai-Chi led by the School of Nursing’s AI robot. (HK01 – March 8, 2019; Sing Pao – March 13, 2019)