AUG 2019 ISSUE 44

Message from Mentor

HKU Advanced Training Programme in Clinical Nursing Education on Mentoring

Ms Wendy Lam | Infection Control Nursing Officer, Canossa Hospital (Caritas)
Participant of HKU Advanced Training Programme in Clinical Nursing Education on Mentoring, 2017

What can we expect from our next nursing generation? How can we prepare them for the task they face? Do we have the skills to teach and mentor our students and new staff in a systematic manner, as well as provide them with fair assessment and appropriate feedback?

Answering these questions is at the heart of the advanced training programme in clinical nursing education workshops, which were organised by the HKU School of Nursing with funding support from the Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation. The workshops were delivered by experts from the University of Melbourne with the aim of equipping nurse mentors and preceptors with advanced knowledge and skills so they can deliver clinical education effectively.

The workshops generated inspirational ideas on planning, implementation and delivery of clinical nursing education, as well as its assessment and feedback. Mind maps were used to brainstorm ideas, concepts and theories to foster best practices. There were also opportunities to meet and connect with nursing colleagues from different fields and different health institutions. Many practical skills, methods, tools and approaches were also shared during group discussions.

At the end of the training workshop, individual participants delivered a presentation on “Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning”. Constructive feedback from the teaching team was valuable for self-reflection and broadening minds. In the end, we even produced our own training video clips for use in future classes.