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Research Faculty

Joyce Oi Kwan CHUNG

Dr Joyce Chung is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong.


Dr Chung’s research interests involve providing physical and psychological care to children and adolescent, in particular to those with cancer or surviving from cancer. Cancer is a lifelong battle, as children are expected to live longer as a result of advances in cancer treatment. Dr Chung is dedicated to improve and optimize the quality of life of such children and adolescent.


Dr Chung has published several articles related to the impacts of cancer and its treatment on the physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being of Hong Kong Chinese children. Studies indicated that the children had considerably high state anxiety scores upon admission, and more than half of them presented some depressive symptoms during their stay in hospital.  Also, the physical activity level was substantially reduced after the cancer treatment. Dr Chung conducted a randomised controlled trial (RCT) to test the effectiveness of the integrated adventure-based training and health education programme in promoting physical activity and enhancing the quality of life among childhood cancer survivors. The study showed that the self-esteem, physical activity levels of the childhood cancer survivors were higher, and the self-reported depressive symptoms were found to be reduced in the intervention group. The integrated adventure-based training and health education programme may help improve the outcomes for childhood cancer survivors. Furthermore, the results of qualitative interview revealed that cancer-related fatigue may be a factor that prevents childhood cancer survivors to engaging in physical activity. The findings have important implications for nursing practice through advocating the integrated adventure-based training to promote regular physical activity for survivors. This provides a platform in which the scientific merits and clinical research can bring together into practice.


Dr Chung also develops her research interests in assessing and validating the psychometric properties of instruments for Chinese children.  Developing a reliable and valid instrument is essential before any interventions can be planned or evaluated.


Dr Chung has received a competitive grant (HMRF) to conduct a study to test the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of Fatigue Scale for Child.

Funding Scheme Project Title Approved Amount (HK$)

Seed Fund for Basic Research, HKU

Using Motivational Interviewing with parents in encouraging their children with cancer to adopt and maintain regular physical activity: A pilot study


Health and Medical Research Fund

Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of the resilience scale for children


Seed Fund for Basic Research, HKU

Psychometric evaluation of the traditional Chinese version of Resilience Scale-14 and the assessment of the resilience level of Hong Kong adolescents


Health and Medical Research Fund

Psychometric Evaluation of the Chinese Version of the Fatigue Scale–Child


Teaching Development Grants, HKU

Professional and ethical use of social media to enhance learning among nursing students


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  • Fellowship of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing;
  • Fellow member of the Hong Kong College of Education and Research in Nursing  (Education & Research - Education); 
  • External Secretary and Executive Member of Hong Kong Society for Nursing Education Limited.
  • 2014

Outstanding free paper presentation, World Association for Chinese Asian Chinese Quality of Life Conference cum Inauguration of the World Association for Chinese Quality of Life.