MAR 2020 ISSUE 45

Message from Prime Care (HK), The Hong Kong University Students’ Union (HKUSU)

Greetings from Prime Care (HK) to students who are keen on participating in various volunteering activities! Prime Care (HK) is an independent club, which has been dedicated to promoting the importance of good health among the grassroots of Hong Kong. We provide underprivileged citizens with tailor-made healthcare service, assessment and education. Through our services, volunteers come in contact with different target groups such as solitary elderly, people with Down’s syndrome, orphans and people with visual impairment.

Last summer, we organized a service trip to Nepal in collaboration with the Lotus Children’s Home and the Amrit Secondary Boarding School. Fifty volunteers from HKU joined the trip and were engaged in educating orphans and students on health related topics including personal hygiene, oral health, first-aid skills, sex education and anti-mosquito practices.

Locally, our volunteers were involved in applying quantitative ultrasound to measure the bone density of target groups. They also measured their blood pressure and blood glucose level. We believe non-medical students were inspired by the enthusiasm of volunteers from the healthcare professionals, who devoted themselves to promoting health in the community and contributing to social well-being.

Prime Care (HK) welcomes HKU students from all faculties, who have a stake in serving the community, to join our service activities. Our ultimate vision is to raise awareness of our target groups about their health and enable HKU to contribute to improving the health of the community.