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Doctor of Philosophy Programme

 Doctor of Philosophy Programme
Programme Overview
The research programme is designed to prepare nurse scholars to advance the art, science and practice of the discipline. Through research, candidates contribute to the body of knowledge in nursing.

The University offers 3-year and 4-year PhD programmes. Applicants who have a good Bachelor’s degree with honours and/or a taught Master’s degree will be considered for admission to a 4-year PhD programme, whereas those who already hold a research Master’s degree (e.g. MPhil) will only be considered for admission to a 3-year PhD programme.

PhD programmes are offered in full-time and part-time modes and the periods of study are as follows:

Degree Normative Study Period Probationary Period
3-year PhD Full-time 36 months 12 months
Part-time 54 months 18 months
4-year PhD Full-time 48 months 18 months
Part-time 72 months 24 months

Please refer to the Graduate School for details of the PhD programme.


To be eligible for the award of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), a candidate shall:

  1. satisfactorily complete coursework, where prescribed;
  2. present a successful thesis representing the result of the candidate's research which should be an original contribution to knowledge and worthy of publication; and
  3. satisfy the examiners in an oral examination (and any other examination if required) in matters relevant to the subject of the thesis.
To be eligible for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy Programme, candidates shall: 
  1.  comply with the General Regulations;
  2.  hold a Bachelor's degree with honours and a research Master's degree or another
       qualification of equivalent standard from this University or from another university or
       comparable institution accepted for this purpose; 
  3.  hold any additional qualifications as may be required by the Faculty concerned, and 
  4.  satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination if required.
  • Hong Kong PhD Fellowships
  • University Postgraduate Fellowships (UPF)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS)
  • Scholarships and Conference / Travel Support

Please refer to the Graduate School for the details.

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