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School Development Series Seminar


School Development Series Seminar 




July 16, 2024 Dr Peter Lau  Student partnership in tertiary health care education: practical principles, examples, elements and pieces of advice
May 29, 2024 Professor Samuel Yu Occupational safety and health in the healthcare environment, what have we learned from SARS and COVID-19
May 28, 2024 Ms YoYo Lin and Mr David Wong Designing your lessons and courses with UpToDate and how to integrate it into the curriculum
April 24, 2024 Professor Tan Cheng-Yong Two types of meta-analyses (three-level meta-analyses and second-order meta-analysis)
March 21, 2024 Professor Peter Griffiths How to get published in high impact (nursing) journals and why you should try to do it
March 20, 2024 Ms Isadora Wong Hong Kong Genome Project and Genetic and Genomic Nursing Development in Hong Kong West Cluster
March 13, 2024 Dr Tiffany Ying and Professor Kris Lok Sharing on Knowledge Exchange (KE) funding application and success story
January 24, 2024 Ms Jane Chan Lai-hung Mentoring in Nurturing Nursing Leaders
January 10, 2024 Dr Joshua Ho Students as Partners in the Development and Implementation of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) Technologies




November 21, 2023 Professor Rina Hui Latest development of cancer treatment
October 31, 2023 Professor Amanda Kenny Surviving the editor’s desk: the first step towards publication
September 22, 2023 Ms Dorothy Sung Ethical and Logistical Issues Raised by Paired Transplant Programme
September 13, 2023 Mr Ng Chi-Tao and Ms Ida Lee IISupreme - Improving Clinical Data Collection: Using Electronic Data Capture to Advance Your Research
September 1, 2023 Ms Karen Lai and Mr Alex Wong The application of library resources (Elsevier) for HKU School of Nursing teachers
June 21, 2023 Dr John Fung Experience sharing in enhancing clinical and cultural competence in closing the clinical transition gap and improving practice
May 25, 2023 Professor Reynold Cheng How to use data analytics to optimize the research evidence of digital innovations
May 19, 2023 Dr Pauline Yeung Skill sharing workshop of bedside (ultrasound) application for School of Nursing teachers
April 27, 2023 Ms Chau Mei-Yi Update the current management for patients with cardiac dysrhythmia
April 14, 2023 Mr Wong Chi-Yip The management of fracture pelvic, 3 in 1 protocol and REBOA (resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta)
April 13, 2023 Mr Chong Hin-Moon Advanced wound care
March 22, 2023 Professor Rainbow Ho Sharing on JC Funding application - A community support project for patients of Parkinson's Disease
March 8, 2023 Dr Arthur Cheuk-Man Li Responding to distresses of nursing students
January 18, 2023 Dr Kris Lok & Dr Kelvin Wang Sharing on KE Award Funding - some tips and advice
January 11, 2023 Dr Cecilia Sit Experiences sharing on badging in Communication-intensive Courses (Ci Course) in The University of Hong Kong




December 14, 2022 Ms Ellen Ng Unwind and reflect via Zentangle
December 07, 2022 Professor Samson Tse Supporting students’ mental health
October 26, 2022 Ms Gloria Hung Customer service in healthcare settings – experience sharing
October 19, 2022 Mr Wong Chi-Yip Geriatric support care in Accident and Emergency Department
September 14, 2022 Professor Sophia Siu-Chee Chan Primary health care development in Hong Kong: Implications to academia and the way forward
March 23, 2022 Dr Abraham Wai Enhancement of learning experiences and outcomes during the crisis – an opportunity for curriculum modernization
February 23, 2022 Dr Parco Ming-Fai Siu Advice on Research Impact Fund (RIF) application
January 12, 2022 Dr Kelvin Wang High impact publication
January 10, 2022 Mr Garfield Kin-Fun Lam Records management




December 20, 2021 Dr Celine Sze-Ling Chui Advance research methods – self-controlled case series study
December 16, 2021 Dr Venus PY Wong Self-care as part of your routine: an introductory mindfulness workshop for nursing professionals
December 01, 2021 Dr Esther Wai-Yin Chan Sharing on NSFC Funding applications – some tips and advice
November 24, 2021 Dr Celine Sze-Ling Chui Using local and international big data for medical research
November 17, 2021 Dr Binbin Zheng Near-Peer Teaching (NPT) in health professions education
November 16, 2021 Dr Arthur Cheuk-Man Li Responding to burnouts and distresses of nursing students
November 11, 2021 Dr Susan Bridges Future directions for teaching and learning at HKU: articulating students’ learning experiences with HKU strategic directions
October 27, 2021 Dr Janice Johnston How to use assessment to facilitate students’ learning?
October 6, 2021 Dr Fraide A. Ganotice Interprofessional education and collaborative practice in HKU: looking back and looking forward
September 16, 2021 Dr Wai-Ching Sin The use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in organ donation
September 10, 2021 Ms Angela Chan Latest practice on breast cancer care
June 28, 2021 Dr Carlos Wong How to conduct economic evaluation alongside randomized controlled trial or observational study?
May 12, 2021 Ms Lee-Man Yeung Obstetric emergencies in nursing perspective
May 5, 2021 Professor Doris Yu Implementation research
April 15, 2021 Ms Lynn Hanyuning Lin Resources and technologies in everyday online teaching and learning
March 31, 2021 Professor Michael Botelho Enhancing clinical skills learning, in-class, online and in sim lab - closing the clinical transition gap and improving practice
March 5, 2021 Professor Frances Wong The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing & NCHK Voluntary Scheme on advanced and specialised nursing practice
February 24, 2021 Dr Veronica Lam Suk-Fun Best practice of MCQ assessment
February 19, 2021 Professor Agnes Tiwari Voluntary scheme on advanced and specialised nursing practice
February 3, 2021 Dr Robert Smith Network meta-analysis for evidence-base practice
January 13, 2021 Dr Kelvin Wang Behavioural intervention design and evaluation: a pragmatic approach




December 16, 2020 Mr Ivan Liu Tranquility moment in art therapy
December 11, 2020 Prof Ir. W. John Kao Healthy ageing: a multi-stakeholders collaboration
November 30, 2020 Mr Vincent Chan Remote teaching with Camtasia
November 25, 2020 Ms Kathy Yuk-Hung Cheung Primary health care in district health centre
November 11, 2020 Mr Vincent Chan Problem solving skills in managing remote teaching
October 28, 2020 Dr Polly Chan & Dr Angie Lam Tips and techniques for TDG application (sharing session)
August 26, 2020 Dr John Fung Tai-chun Virtual simulation training workshop refresher (online platform)
January 20, 2020 Dr Abraham Wai Manage conflict in a win-win way




December 16, 2019 Mr Steven Kar-Kay Chan Updates on Trends, Knowledge and Skills in Stoma and Wound Care
December 6, 2019 Dr June Ka-Yan Lee Handling and Supporting Students in Emotional Situations
November 7, 2019 Professor Paul Yip A public health approach for suicide prevention: challenges and opportunities
October 23, 2019 Ms Chun-King Chim Introduction of HA Community Outreaching Services and Extended Role of Community Nurse
October 22, 2019 Ms Becky Sau-Kuen Chan Introduction of Continence Care

September 25, 2019

Ms Mei-Yi Chau

Recent advances in cardiac nursing

September 18, 2019

Ms Cynthia Wong

How to prepare HKU students for HA Preceptorship Programme

July 22, 2019

Dr Eric Chow

How to write a successful grant/award application

June 26, 2019

Professor Marie Gerdtz

Blended learning in specialty and advanced practice nursing curricula: architecture, pedagogy and practice

June 24, 2019

Dr Daniel Salcedo

Designing VR-enhanced educational activities: a backwards design approach

June 10, 2019

Professor Paul Kind

Outcome measurement in delivering 21st century healthcare: monitoring performance and evaluating provider outcomes

May 24, 2019

Professor Kee-Seng Chia

Thinking clearly about e-cigarettes: the Singapore experience

May 9, 2019

Smart City Consortium:
  • Mr Clube Ng
  • Dr Thomas Choi
  • Dr Rosiah Ho
  • Mr Jason Ngan

Smart healthcare for smart community

May 6, 2019

Professor Agnes Tiwari

Development of nursing specialization in Hong Kong

May 3, 2019

Mr Alan Wong

Leading the changes of nursing industry in a new hospital

April 24, 2019

Ms Sylvia Wong

Unveil the nursing care under the OT lights

April 17, 2019

Mr Mick Chung-Tsang Yu

New era in stroke management and clinical update in stroke care

April 10, 2019

Ms Florence Ng

Elderly friendly care

March 29, 2019

Professor Valerie Howard

Simulation: Using standards and an evidence based approach to enhance learning outcomes

March 26, 2019

CSI Game Project Team, HKU Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TeLi)

Possibility, applications, and benefits of gamification and AR/VR technologies in education

March 21, 2019

Mr Ruben Hopmans

Critical aspects of design for simulation-based education programs

March 13, 2019

Dr Michael Ka-Shing Cheung

An update on common endoscopic and non-endoscopic procedures

February 14, 2019

Dr Abraham Ka-Chung Wai

Learning with students in Enrichment Year

January 24, 2019

Professor Cindy Lo-Kuen Lam

Advice on Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) application

January 9, 2019

Professor Ivan Fan-Ngai Hung

Tips for Winning HMRF Grants




December 6, 2018 Professor Ian Chi-Kei Wong Application of Hospital Authority clinical database to evaluate safety and effectiveness of new oral anticoagulant - dabigatran
November 28, 2018 Ms May-Ki Lam Renal replacement therapies in Hong Kong
November 20, 2018 Dr Susan Bridges The dynamics of course design in a digital age: Making alignment work for you and your students!
November 14, 2018 Professor Sally Thorne Designing qualitative studies that can make a difference: overcoming barriers to credibility and funding
November 6, 2018 Professor Anne Marie Rafferty From skills mix to skills match: nursing workforce challenges in the English National Health Service
October 30, 2018 Professor Karl Herrup The many paths to helping persons with Alzheimer's disease: Japanese gardens as a non-pharmacological approach
October 24, 2018 Ms Po-King Ma Recent update on paediatric patient assessment
October 5, 2018 Dr Samuel Kai-wah Chu Developing a winning proposal for General Research Fund (GRF)
September 10, 2018 Dr Kirsten Corazzini Social networks, dementia care, and the development of dementia-inclusive communities
July 30, 2018 Professor Jack Yu-Chuan Li Artificial intelligence for health and health care
June 27, 2018 Dr Shuo-Yan Chou Development and opportunities for healthcare in the digitally fused world
June 19, 2018 Dr Mei-Ching Lee Barriers and facilitators of advance care planning among Chinese Americans
June 1, 2018 Professor Charlotte Clarke Everyday citizenship and living with dementia
May 25, 2018 Professor Judith Parker Reflections on 40 years of developing scholarship and research in nursing and some thoughts on the future of nursing
May 24, 2018 Professor Sally Chan Integrating digital learning into healthcare education
May 9, 2018 Professor Elizabeth Saewyc Improving health equity among marginalized youth: reducing stigma and fostering resilience
May 7, 2018 Professor Sarah Kagan Hot topics in ageing and gerontological nursing research
April 26, 2018 Dr Calvin Ka-Lun Or Human factors engineering in patient safety
April 24, 2018 Dr Vivian Wei-Qun Lou Empowering stroke caregivers: activating health and social care collaboration under a two-tier care management model
April 18, 2018 Ms Patricia Tai-Yin Ching Prevention of healthcare associated infection – the importance of enforcing correct patient-care-practices (PCP)
April 16, 2018 Ms Lucinda Wong Use of HKU Medical Library’s electronic resources to facilitate teaching in nursing
April 11, 2018 Ms Grace Gar-Yee Ma The baby friendly hospital journey in Queen Mary Hospital
March 21, 2018 Professor Ricky Yu-Kwong Kwok Introduction to MOOCs and technology-enriched learning
March 15, 2018 Dr Wendy Lam Nurse-led symptom clinic for cancer survivors : an integrated cancer care service
March 6, 2018 Dr Michael Tse Exercise is medicine
February 28, 2018 Professor George Q Huang  Inspiration and implication of Industry 4.0 on smart healthcare
February 26, 2018 Dr Ming-Yen Ng Flipped classroom for medical students - not another lecture...
February 7, 2018 Dr Paul Wai-Ching Wong Caring of the psychological health of nursing students

January 31, 2018

Dr Irene Lee

Comprehensive knowledge & skill transfer in clinical teaching

January 26, 2018

Dr Weng-Yee Chin

Applying for HKU Teaching Development Grants

January 22, 2018

Professor Karen Luker

Development and evaluation of an intervention to support carers to deliver practical end of life care in the home

January 3, 2018

Dr Julie Chen

Peer review to improve teaching and learning




December 20, 2017

Professor Kiyoko Makimoto

Potentials for international collaborative research

November 23, 2017

Professor Hugh Davies

The chronic health effects of the long-term exposure to transportation noise

November 21, 2017

Dr Cecilia Chan

Education for change: shifting education culture from focusing on academic to competencies

November 15, 2017

Professor Faith Gibson

Sharing experience of delivering the palliative care and services to children and young people

November 14, 2017

Dr Daniel Bressington

Promoting the physical health of people with severe mental illness in Hong Kong

October 23, 2017

Ms Connie Chu and
Dr Fowie Ng

Palliative and hospice care: implication for nurses
Dying at home: make it an option

September 13, 2017

Ms Michelle Wai-Kuen Lee

Updates on pressure injury staging system and documentation

September 11, 2017

Dr Sophia Huey-Lan Hu

Using simulation in capstone projects

August 21, 2017

Professor Karen Luker

Assessing the quality of research and capturing impact

May 25, 2017

Professor Mary Quinn Griffin

The Principles of Curriculum Planning

April 24, 2017

Professor Donna Waters 

Research translation in paediatrics: who knows best?

April 3, 2017

Ms Vivien Tsang

Simulation teaching sharing in UTS

March 6, 2017

Dr Lap-Ki Chan

The inter-professional team-based learning (IPTBL) programme

February 13, 2017

Ms Iris Ho

Peritoneal dialysis: highlights for facilitating nursing practices

February 6, 2017

Dr Wen Deng

My failures and successes in external grant application

January 23, 2017

Ms Samantha Chong 

Dealing with patient safety issues and incidents in clinical setting: what can we do in a better way?




November 17, 2016

Ms Traci Leung

Development and preliminary validation of general practitioners’ perceived readiness to identify and respond to intimate partner abuse scale (GRIPS)

November 7, 2016

Dr Joyce Chung

The impact of cancer and its treatment on the physical and psychological well-being of childhood cancer survivors

October 3, 2016

Ms Hellene Yiu

Experiences sharing on faculty practice

September 6, 2016

Dr Anne Teitelman

Developing theory-based health promotion interventions

July 26, 2016

Professor Cheryl Brandt

Faculty experience of teaching in accelerated second baccalaureate degree nursing (ASBSN) programs, and implications of findings for faculty teaching nontraditional students in other nursing programs

June 20, 2016

Dr Kris Lok

Growth in very-low-birth-weight and low-birth-weight infants fed fortified breast milk versus formula milk: a retrospective cohort study

May 23, 2016

Dr Derek Cheung

Promotion and brief intervention of smoking cessation at the smoking hotspots

April 29, 2016

Professor Thanos Karatzias

Childhood psychological trauma: impact & treatment

April 18, 2016

Dr Janet Wong

Seeing the invisible: Intimate partner sexual violence and its health impact among Chinese youth in dating relationship

March 31, 2016

Dr Yinam Suen

Brief advice and active referral for smoking cessation services among community smokers

March 7, 2016

Professor Ricky Kwok

Scaling out teaching; scaling up learning

February 22, 2016

Dr Patsy Chau

Measuring 24-hour urinary sodium excretion: a gold standard?

January 18, 2016

Dr Kelvin Wang

E-cigarette use in Hong Kong adolescents




November 25, 2015

Professor David Gregory

At the crossroads of change: a case study of registered nurse practice and education in Canada

November 18, 2015

Professor Desley Hegney

Interaction between the practice environment and individual resilience

October 22, 2015

Professor Linda Jane Johnston         

The hidden burden of parenting a baby with complex health needs

April 21, 2015

Professor Agnes Tiwari

Impact of Qigong on telomerase activity

February 24, 2015

Dr Kelvin Wang

Health information seeking among Chinese adults in Hong Kong

January 20, 2015

Dr Patsy Chau

Sample size calculations for studies with repeated measures




December 16, 2014

Dr Vivian Ngai

Quality of life during the transition to parenthood

September 23, 2014

Dr Nan Jiang

Electronic cigarette: a smoking revolution?

June 17, 2014

Dr Vivian Ngai

Predictors of family and marital functioning at early postpartum 

June 17, 2014

Dr Noel Chan

Self-reported waist circumference: classifying children with cardiovascular risk factors and overweight/obesity


Professor Colleen Varcoe

Organizational and individual level interventions: progress on two interventions to address trauma and violence

April 22, 2014

Professor Graeme D Smith

Writing for publication in nursing journals

February 18, 2014

Professor Agnes Tiwari

Sexual abuse in Chinese women

February 4, 2014

Ms Grace Yuen

Special effect in video for demonstration of clinical skills

January 21, 2014

Dr Daniel Fong

Multiple imputation in the analysis of incomplete longitudinal data by mixed effects model or GEE




December 17, 2013

Professor Marcia G Ory

Findings from the national study of chronic disease management in the US

December 5, 2013

Professor David L Corwin


Developmental impacts of adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress

November 6, 2013

Professor Kendall Ho 

e-Health near trends that health professional cannot afford to miss

October 30, 2013

Dr Lap-Ki Chan                                                            

The use of technology in teaching and learning at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

October 24, 2013

Dr Iain Doherty 

eLearning strategy and eLearning practices at HKU

October 22, 2013

Dr Patsy Chau

Analyzing longitudinal data with SPSS: linear mixed model

September 24, 2013

Dr William Li

Methodological considerations in conducting and reporting a clinical trial

September 13, 2013

Professor Simon Cooper

Enhancing student learning via the First2Act programme

June 28, 2013

Professor Bei Wu

Cognitive impairment and oral health: a review of recent literature

June 13, 2013

Professor Ren Hui

The development of nursing research and the research in trauma care in the Third Military Medical University

May 21, 2013

Dr Noel Chan

Measurement of pubertal status with a Chinese tanner pubertal questionnaire

April 23, 2013

Dr Patsy Chau

Self-help for data analysis with SPSS

March 19, 2013

Dr Angela Leung

Service learning project: a way to change students' attitude towards older adults

February 26, 2013

Dr Janet Wong 

Traumatic head injury in abused women

January 30, 2013

Dr Yu-Chu Huang and 3 MNurs students

The introduction of Taiwan health care system

January 12, 2013  & January 19, 2013

Professor Agnes Tiwari, Dr William Li, 

Dr Janet Wong &
Dr Daniel Fong

Translational research workshops 




December 12, 2012

Dr Vivian Ngai

Translation and validation of a Chinese version of the family sense of coherence scale

November 29, 2012

Dr David Wong

The use of survival analysis to handle longitudinal data: time for youth smokers to have a smoking relapse after a quit attempt

November 2, 2012

Ms Elaine Leung

Blood glucose monitoring

October 29, 2012

Dr Janice Humphreys

Theory of symptom management: an overview

October 3, 2012

Professor Barbara Parker

Reconsidering the doctoral dissertation:  a discussion of models and controversies

September 20, 2012

Dr William Li

(1) Ensuring the quality of a newly developed / translated scale: correct determination and quantification of content validity
(2) Statistical power analyses using G* power