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Research Faculty

Kevin Tzu Tsun LUK

Dr Kevin Luk is currently a Research Assistant Professor at School of Nursing, The University Hong Kong, where he obtained his bachelor’s and doctoral degree. His research focuses on eliminating tobacco use––the world’s single most preventable cause of disease and death. He has extensive experiences in conducting large-scale randomised controlled trials of novel smoking cessation treatment in both community and clinical settings, with findings published in leading international journals. His research also includes public health issues of growing importance, from overuse of digital devices to vaccination against COVID-19, and applies a wide spectrum of research methods, including population-based surveys, qualitative interview, and psychometric validation.

Dr Luk’s doctoral study on chat-based intervention for smoking cessation using mobile instant messaging apps like WhatsApp has laid the groundwork for developing similar treatment models to tackle smoking and other health problems. Presently, he is working on developing chatbots to promote the uptake of smoking cessation treatment and COVID-19 vaccination.

Funding Scheme Project Title Approved Amount (HK$)
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Integrated Centre on Smoking Cessation Developing and evaluating a chatbot for increasing accessibility of smoking cessation services. 265,341
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