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2023 Asia Pacific Alliance for Health Leaders (APAHL) Forum Past Event

Event details

The School of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong is pleased to host the 2023 Asia Pacific Alliance for Health Leaders (APAHL) Forum. We are delighted to have a total of 46 participants, including 21 students and 12 faculty members from four schools from Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia together with 13 HKU Nursing teachers and students joining us here in Hong Kong for this exciting four-day Forum. The theme of our event is "Healthy Ageing in Action through Healthcare Education, Practice, and Research."

The School is also thrilled to have invited Professor Parco Siu from the School of Public Health, together with Professor Doris Yu and Dr Patsy Chau from the School of Nursing to deliver special lectures to the attending participants.

During this four-day event, participants not only discussed important issues related to healthy ageing, they also engaged in community experiential learning in the community as well as visited our clinical laboratory.

In addition, faculty members from the five universities had a fruitful meeting to discuss the details of the next forum, as well as other collaboration opportunities. And the students had a wonderful exchange both intellectually and culturally.  They could not wait for the meet-up next year in Bangkok, Thailand.

Participating Universities are:
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Yamaguchi University, Japan
International Medical University, Malaysia
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Mahidol University, Thailand