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Career Talks by Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, the Correctional Services Department and School of Midwifery Past Event

Event details

Representatives from Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and the Correctional Services Department of the Government of HKSAR visited our School on February 15, 2023. They delivered a career talk to our Bachelor of Nursing students, which covered a brief introduction and career prospects at both organisations. It was well-received by the students.

Moreover, our Bachelor of Nursing Year 5 students were pleased to welcome Ms Janet Ma, Deputy School Principal and Advanced Practice Nurse of the School of Midwifery and her colleagues to the School on March 3, 2023. Ms Ma and her team shared a presentation on what to expect at the School of Midwifery, including clinical practicum in midwifery.  The sharing provided helpful knowledge to our students.