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Dr Judith McFarlane’s Visit Past Event

24 Mar 2014
Event details

Start Date:  24 Mar 2014
End Date:   28 Mar 2014

Dr Judith McFarlane, Professor and Parry Nursing Chair in Health Promotion College of Nursing of the Houston Texas Woman's University, visited the School from 24 March to 28 March 2014. 

Dr McFarlane visit (2)

During her visit, Dr McFarlane gave 4 valuable lectures, namely “Addressing 2015 Millennium Development Goals 2015 With Community Participatory Research: A Strategy for Nursing Faculty Research With Global Health Outcomes”, “Recruitment and Retention of Vulnerable Populations: Savvy Strategies for Success”, “Inter-generational Impact of Violence Against Women on Mother and Child Functioning: Outcomes From a Seven Year Study” and “Evidence Based Practice for Better Health Outcomes: Moving Health Care Forward”. The lectures received positive feedback from their participants and Dr McFarlane’s sharing had inspired the participants on the relevant topics. 

Dr McFarlane visit (3) Dr McFarlane visit (1)

Together with Professor Agnes Tiwari, Dr McFarlane visited the community site at HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre at Kwai Chung. Dr McFarlane also joined the School on its special occasion, the “iNursing App” and “Green School Initiative” Launch Ceremony to share the joy of the School and meet with other honorable guests, our teachers and students.

Dr McFarlane enjoyed her stay with the School and both parties look forward to opportunities for cooperation in the near future.;