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“East-meets-West” Luncheon 2019 Past Event

Event details

The “East-meets-West” Luncheon 2019 with incoming exchange students was held successfully on January 25, 2019. At this annual event, our teachers and 11 outgoing exchange student representatives met with a total of 40 incoming exchange students. They included eight from Dalian University (China), eight from Fudan University (China), two from Jönköping University (Sweden), four from Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan), ten from Korea University (South Korea), four from Peking University (China), and four from Taipei Medical University (Taiwan). We are honoured to have Dr Gordon Wong, Assistant Dean (Professional Development) of Faculty of Medicine, together with Professor Chia-Chin Lin, School Head to join the luncheon. Dr Wong shared with participants about the benefits of global perspective and cross-cultural understanding from the School’s International Student Exchange Programme. During the luncheon, Certificates of Attendance were presented to a student representative from Peking University to acknowledge their completion of the International Student Exchange Programme at our School. The luncheon has been serving as a platform for both incoming and outgoing exchange students to strengthen their social network with students from different parts of the world.