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“East-meets-West” Luncheon with Incoming Exchange Students from Three Universities 2014 Past Event

Event details

The “East-meets-West” luncheon with incoming exchange students was held successfully on 26 February 2014. During this event, our teachers and student representatives met with a total of 21 incoming exchange students, including four from the Second Military Medical University (Shanghai, China), eight from Kaohsiung University (Taiwan) and nine from the University of Connecticut (USA). Dr Marie Tarrant (Acting Head), Dr Felix Yuen (Associate Head and Director of International Relations) and Ms Polly Chan (Coordinator of International Relations) welcomed the guests, and Professor C.S. Lau, Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning), highlighted the importance of the International Student Exchange Programme to the guests.

Throughout the luncheon the students shared their cultural views and learning experiences. After the luncheon, the students planned to have some outdoor activities together for cultivating their friendship and forming their alliance. The luncheon was a fruitful event in strengthening our students’ network with the students from different parts of the world.