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Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, School Visit Past Event

27 Jan 2013
Event details

Start Date:  27 Jan 2013
End Date:   02 Feb 2013

Three Masters' students and a teacher from Fu Jen Catholic University visited the School from 27Jan 2013 to 2 Feb 2013. A welcome meeting was arranged and Ms. Veronìca Lam introduced them to the School of Nursing as well as the Bachelor of Nursing (Full-time) Programme. Professor Agnes Tiwari greeted the visitors and also introduced the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture to them at the welcome lunch.
During the visit, students attended both undergraduate and postgraduate classes in our nursing programmes. A presentation session was also arranged for them to introduce the Taiwan Health Care System to our teaching staff. There was also a sharing session with our research postgraduate students in which both schools exchanged ideas and students also shared thoughts about the nursing care in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.
During their visit, they spent an afternoon at the Lo Wai Chinese Herbs Garden and HK SKH Lady Maclehose Center. ln the visit, they were introduced to various species of Chinese herbs as they toured around the Garden and they showed great interest in Chinese Medicine.
ln general, both students and teacher from Fu Jen Catholic University enjoyed the stay in Hong Kong and they wish to have the chance to visit us again in the near future.