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Healthcare Education and Simulation Workshop 2021 Past Event

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Healthcare Education and Simulation Workshop 2021

“Simulation-based education: A new paradigm and beyond” was the theme of this year’s Healthcare Education and Simulation Workshop 2021 organised on June 3 & 4, 2021.  The use of simulation as a training strategy not only can help prevent errors in clinical settings, contribute to patient safety and optimise outcomes of care, it can also promote the nursing students’ personal development.  

The first day of the workshop took place via an online webinar where near 400 participants from 11 countries and regions gained insights from the following speakers:

  • Professor Valerie Howard
    Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Nursing, Duke University
    Topic: The role of simulation under COVID-19 pandemic
  • Professor Tracy Levett-Jones
    Professor of Nursing Education and Head of School, University of Technology Sydney
    Topic: Using simulation to develop empathy
  • Dr Sophia Huey-Lan Hu
    Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
    Topic: International collaboration for patient safety promotion through simulation
  • Dr Daniel Salcedo
    Director, Centre for Clinical Medical Education, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital
    Director for Education in Medical Simulation, Taipei Medical University
    Topic: How to enhance nurse educator’s skills and competence in nursing simulation and virtual reality activities?
  • Dr John Tai-Chun Fung
    Lecturer, School of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong
    Accreditation Simulation Educator, ASPiH
    Topic: Best practices in debriefing and what should we be moving forward?

The second day of the workshop was a face-to-face practical simulation workshop hosted by the School’s Quality and Safety Education Subcommittee for local participants to gain hands-on experience of using simulation in nursing teaching.  The workshop kicked off by a lecture delivered by Dr Veronica Lam, Senior Lecturer and Chairperson of the School’s Quality and Safety Education Subcommittee. Followed by participants developing and conducting scenarios, and debriefing by our teachers. This was a fruitful event where participants exchanged knowledge of using advanced technology and simulation to facilitate nursing students’ learning experience.