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Incoming School Visit on January 31, 2018 – Good Hope School Past Event

Event details

On January 31, 2018, there were 102 secondary-5 students from Good Hope School  visiting our School.  Dr Janet Wong, Programme Director of the Bachelor of Nursing (Full-time) programme, was delighted to deliver a mini-talk to the students introducing the distinctive features of our School, the uniqueness of our full-time nursing programme and the various teaching and learning strategies incorporated in the programme. The visiting students and teachers showed great interest in learning the JUPAS admission interview and requirements.  

Apart from the mini-talk, the students  were thrilled to visit our newly renovated Nursing Clinical Skills Laboratories and Simulation Training Centre, and were impressed by the six innovative community simulation rooms and the advanced clinical facilities used in the laboratory.  The students also enjoyed interacting with our Assistant Lecturers, Ms Florence Yip, Ms Harmony Ho and Ms Michelle Law during the nursing skills demonstrations.