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Incoming Student Exchange – Edinburgh Napier University Past Event

01 Oct 2015
Event details

A group of eight students from Edinburgh Napier University visited our School in October 2015 and stayed with us for three weeks. On the first day of their visit, they were welcomed by Professor Agnes Tiwari, our School Head, Dr William Li, Programme Director of BNursing (Full-time) Programme and Dr Polly Chan (International Visits Coordinator) and they got to meet with their HKU buddies who are going to visit their university later. The visiting students attended lectures in several courses of the programme with our students, and also visited the skills laboratory to experience the learning environment in Hong Kong. In addition, they did some sight-seeing in Hong Kong and went for a hiking with Dr William Li and the buddies. Having participated in several cultural activities in Hong Kong and met our nursing students, the students enjoyed their exchange experience very much.