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Interviewing Skills Workshop for BNurs. Final Year Students Past Event

Event details

Final year students are helped to manage the transition from studying to working as a professional nurse and gaining advanced interviewing skills is one means of doing this. The School, therefore, organized some workshops entitled “Interviewing Skills - Tips and Tricks” on March 3, 2017 and March 15, 2017 for our Year V BNurs. (FT) students. In order to strengthen our students’ interviewing skills, an external advisor, Ms. Pearl Chan, who had substantial experience in the Central Nursing Department of Queen Mary Hospital was invited. In the workshop, Ms. Chan not only shared interviewing tips and techniques with the students, she also conducted 2-half-day train-the-trainer workshops with our teaching staff. Under the facilitation of Ms. Chan and the trained teachers, Year V students then undertook mock interviews on an individual basis and received feedback from the trainers. 

A total of 210 Year V BNurs. (FT) students benefitted from the Workshop. We received positive feedback from students. They found the information shared by Ms. Chan and the mock interview very useful.