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Life Enrichment Learning Poster Presentation & Sharing Session Past Event

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To align with the global trend in nursing education and the University 3+1 ‘I’s strategic initiatives, namely, Internationalisation, Innovation, and Interdisciplinarity – all converging onto Impact, the curriculum of Bachelor of Nursing (Full-time) Programme has been refined with effective from 2019 - 20.

Under the refined curriculum, students are further empowered by an earlier exposure to clinical training and enhanced knowledge in specialised areas such as palliative care, health informatics, legal and ethical issues and clinical reasoning.  Another remarkable highlight of the enhanced curriculum is the incorporation of a new 6-credit “Life Enrichment (LE) Learning” course.  The course aims at allowing students to acquire a wide variety of eye-opening learning experiences through participating in 2 LE programmes (each lasts for around 3 weeks) held outside Hong Kong.  LE programmes can be in the nature of short-term trip, short-term study, practical experience, service/humanitarian activity, or research attachment.

Places for the LE programmes around the globe are being solicited and a pilot run was held in the summer of 2019.  Eight groups in a total of 36 students explored different countries/regions namely East Africa, China, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.

During the pilot programmes many of our students experienced their first time in life, such as taking care of babies and visiting slum areas in Uganda; providing assistance in the daily operation of a dental clinic in Taipei; teaching children English/Mathematics in Nantou; sharing their study journey towards a Nursing degree with high school students in Taitung; chatting/laughing with the elderly and making Mango Mochi for them in an Active Aging Centre in Penghu; carrying out a project on patient privacy in Yunnan; installing solar panels for a primary school in Gansu; studying Korean in a University in Korea; attending a summer school in Sweden to learn about the global perspective on health and welfare.

Students enjoyed their amazing experience through these different types of learning opportunities, and had the chance to know about various problems facing communities in different places and took action to help/support through all the difficulties they might have encountered.  Students also made lots of friends from other countries.

In order to share their joy from the eye-opening and mind-expanding journeys, students presented their reflection in the form of posters, which were displayed at the exhibition area in William MW Mong Building during October 10-11, 2019.  A sharing session was also held on October 10, 2019 for them to share their experience with fellow teachers and students.