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Seminar on Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice Past Event

12 Nov 2016
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Qualified nursing professionals should possess the proficiency to provide nursing care safely, ethically and effectively. In order to enhance students’ understanding and consciousness of safe nursing practice, Mr. Fred Chan, senior manager of Patient Safety & Risk Management Department in the Hospital Authority Head Office, was invited to deliver a seminar on “Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice” on 12 November 2016. Twenty-four academic staff and a total of four hundred Year 4 and 5 nursing students attended the seminar. In the seminar, the importance of incident management and current incident reporting system in Hospital Authority were explained in details. Mr. Chan also shared local incidents and provided practical recommendations and preventive actions. The fruitful seminar allowed students to recognize the significance of quality and safety in nursing practice, to enhance their awareness and to integrate the recommendations into clinical practice.