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Smoke-free Elite Teens Programme 2021-2022 Past Event

Event details

To promote a smoke-free culture to Hong Kong youth, HKU School of Nursing supported the “Smoke-free Elite Teens Programme” organised by Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH).  The programme held for two days on August 17 and August 26, 2021 and about 100 F.2 to F.5 secondary school students participated each day.

Dr Kelvin Wang Man-ping, Associate Professor, and Dr Derek Cheung Yee-tak, Assistant Professor, introduced the programmes offered at HKU School of Nursing, and talked about HKU's research on smoking cessation and tobacco control, involvement in tobacco control policy development, as well as smoking cessation and smoke-free culture.  Participants also had a mini tour of the medical campus, including the HKU Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Nursing Clinical Skills Laboratory and Simulation Training Centre, to learn about the latest teaching equipment and facilities.  Afterwards, they participated in a workshop on smoking cessation and counselling.  The students participated enthusiastically and aspired to become future leaders of tobacco control in the community and promote a smoke-free culture.