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Workshops on Multiple Choice Assessments by Professor Marie Tarrant Past Event

13 Feb 2017
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Developing high-quality assessments is one of the most crucial components of high-quality teaching and learning. Over the week of Feb 13 – 17, 2017, we were honored to have Professor Marie Tarrant, Director of the School of Nursing, University of British Columbia, Okanagan, with us to conduct a series of workshops on multiple-choice (MC) assessment. The workshops focused on providing teachers with the essential skills to construct valid and reliable MC questions and in conducting item analysis. Professor Tarrant applied a wide variety of interesting scenarios and case examples to illustrate what constitutes a good question item, and a systematic approach to facilitate colleagues’ understanding of complex concepts and statistical procedures in interpreting the test results for item evaluation. The workshops were highly commended by the participants as a very fruitful experience and practically helpful in preparing for their future assessment exercises. It was truly an enlightening week for every one of us. We look forward to meeting Professor Tarrant and learning from her again in the near future.