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Research Faculty

Mandy Man HO

With a double qualification of nursing and dietetics, Dr. Mandy Ho’s research work centers on translating evidence in the fields of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity to promote good health and prevent chronic diseases across the lifespan. Obesity and diabetes are major global health issues. Her current research interests are the prevention and management of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, with a major focus on obesity, prediabetes, and diabetes. She has obtained more than HK$11 million (~USD$1.4 million) external grants as a principal investigator since 2017 for studies on psychological eating behavior, lifestyle intervention, and diabetes prevention models. She translates evidence to improve diabetes prevention in community and primary care settings, and provides leadership in nursing education. Her current research work focuses on developing innovative and culturally specific models of diabetes prevention targeting the high-risk population (i.e., adults who are overweight and with prediabetes) in community and primary care settings. She has established strong partnerships with non-government organizations and is the pioneer in establishing a culturally specific community-based diabetes prevention program for overweight/obese Chinese adults with prediabetes in Hong Kong. She also led a digital diabetes prevention program for overweight adults with prediabetes. The work has been disseminated at regional and international scientific meetings and international peer-reviewed journals on nursing, obesity, endocrinology, and behavioral science.

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Funding Scheme Project Title Approved Amount (HK$)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust A community-based diabetes prevention program 8,800,000
Health and Medical Research Fund A smartphone-based intervention for diabetes prevention in overweight Chinese adults with pre-diabetes 1,497,700
Health and Medical Research Fund Translation and cultural adapation of an eating behaviour questionnaire for assessing the psychological aspects of eating behaviours in Chinese adults 99,804
Health Care and Promotion Scheme A community-based lifestyle intervention program for diabetes prevention in Chinese people with pre-diabetes 1,199,740
HKU Impact Project Scheme Keep diabetes away: Reducing diabetes risk among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. 150,000
HKU Impact Project Scheme Assessing the impact and potential for scale-up of a community-based diabetes prevention programme 150,000
HKU Impact Project Scheme Keep diabetes away: Enhancing diabetes awareness in the community 149,982