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A Short Form of the Chinese Version of the Weinstein Noise Sensitivity Scale through Optimal Test Assembly

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(3):879. 2021
Li S., Fong D.Y.T.*, Wan S.L.Y., McPherson B., Lau E.Y.Y., Huang L., Ip M.S.M., Wong J.Y.H.


This study developed a short form of the traditional Chinese version of the Weinstein Noise Sensitivity Scale (WNSS) through optimal test assembly (OTA). A total of 1069 Chinese adults (64.8% female) completed the territory-wide cross-sectional study. We first removed Items 12 and 5 which had negative factor loading and gender-related differential item functioning (DIF), respectively. The optimal length was then determined as the minimal one that reasonably resembled the reliability and validity of the scale without DIF items. OTA identified an 8-item WNSS (WNSS-8) which retained 67.2% of the test information of the original 21-item scale and had a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.83. It also showed significant correlations of 0.272 and −0.115 with the neuroticism and extraversion scales of Chinese NEO-Five Factor Inventory, respectively. Adequate model fit of the WNSS-8 was demonstrated by the confirmatory factor analysis. The Chinese WNSS-8 can be used to assess noise sensitivity without compromising reliability and validity.

Key Words: item response theory, item selection, noise sensitivity, optimal test assembly, reliability, validity

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